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New Camelot Staycations

There's never been a better time to enjoy a staycation in the UK, so at New Camelot we're curating a list of inspirational resources for your next short break, holiday or adventure.

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Planning the perfect Staycation with New Camelot

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, staycations have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds when it comes to holidays. With changing attitudes to travel, more and more people have discovered that the UK is home to some amazing destinations, both on their doorsteps and further afield. Here are our top tips for planning a UK staycation:

Prepare for the weather
Changeable weather can put people off a staycation, as many look abroad to warmer and more stable climates. The only time the weather is going to ruin your staycation is if you don’t prepare. Summer months are usually pleasant, and despite some of their infrequent mistakes, weather forecasters are usually within the ball park when it comes to predicting the weather. Plan ahead, make sure you take layers, and adapt your plans if you are caught unawares – most destinations have a range of indoor and outdoor attractions, but sometimes it’s nice to just take a day chilling out and relaxing instead of venturing out into the rain (or heat, if that’s not your thing!)

Make use of local tourist boards
Many destinations, although they have scrapped their tourist information centres, have fantastic websites to help you plan your staycation. They usually list a range of activities, attractions and accommodations that you can filter based on your individual tastes and requirements. Plan in advance as much as you can to discover everything your destination has to offer.

Relax and unwind
If you’re someone who likes to relax, and books a holiday so that you can lounge around the pool in your hotel, you can do that closer to home as well! Now we may not have large outdoor pools with hundreds of loungers, but in the UK we’re very good at spa hotels that offer relaxing spaces, indulgent treatments and a sense of tranquillity that you usually don’t get in a busy resort hotel.

Enjoy fresh, local produce
Any MasterChef fan knows that the UK is home to some of Europe’s top restaurants. There’s no shortage of Michelin starred eateries set in beautiful destinations – whether that’s city centre restaurants or countryside retreats. Look out for unique food opportunities, and don’t forget that saying eat where the locals eat – it’s as true at home as it is abroad!

Embrace quirky
Whether it’s glamping, camper vans, historic hotels or unique locations, there’s no shortage of unusual and interesting accommodation options that offer something different to the cookie cutter chain hotels that people often associate with staycations and domestic holidays.

Create your own holiday
As most travel agents focus on foreign holidays, if you’re planning a staycation you’ll usually need to create your own holiday. By using popular sites such as → for your accommodation you can rest assured that your booking is safe and secure, with a range of cancellation options available if you’d like some flexibility to your plans.

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